«Hall Of Mirrors» reviews: more than positive!!

Posted in 5 Οκτωβρίου, 2015

Less than a month that the new album is out and the reaction for ACID DEATH’s «Hall Of Mirrors» is really excellent! Here is a small number of reviews, really positive and enthusiastic.

- METAL HAMMER magazine, Greece:
«…ACID DEATH are at the most creative period of their life. Good news for everyone who searches for the adventurous side of Metal…»
Rating: 8/10

- LEGACY magazine, Germany: ACID DEATH – Hall Of Mirrors review
Rating: 10/15

- TIME FOR METAL emag, Germany: ACID DEATH – Hall Of Mirrors review
Rating: 9,5/10

- METALKAOZ emag (Greece-USA):
«….This album is better than “Eidolon” and I think it’s the logical step in the evolution of ACID DEATH during the band’s second era which I hope will grant them a wider recognition. Even if I had tried hard, I wouldn’t be able to find something bad to say about “Hall Of Mirrors”…»
Rating: 9/10.

- ROCKHARD magazine, Greece:
«…ACID DEATH, with a carrier of 25 years, continue to surprise us even today…They surprise us with every release, keeping their standards always high.»
Rating: 8/10

- ROCKHARD Magazine, Germany, Issue #341. ACID DEATH – Hall Of Mirrors review.
Rating: 7/10

- ROTTING HILL emag, Austria: ACID DEATH’s «Hall Of Mirrors».
Rating: 8/10

We’d like to say a big Thank You for all the positive and encouraging comments!!

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