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official releases

eidolon album

"Hall Of Mirrors" full length CD-2015, 7hard/7us Media Group GmbH (7H-183-2)

Recorded at Devasoundz Studios and S.I.A. Recordings, Athens, Greece. Mixed and mastered by Fotis Benardo. Produced by ACID DEATH and Fotis Benardo. Released worldwide: September 11th 2015.

eidolon album

"Eidolon" full length CD-2012, NoiseHead recs, Austria (NHR1012)

Recorded at DevaSoundz studios and S.I.A. Recordings, Athens, Greece, Released worldwide: June 1st 2012

random manifest album

"Random's Manifest" full length CD-2000, Black Lotus recs (BLR/CD018).

Recorded at Marathon studios, Athens, Greece, released worldwide: May/2000.

pieces of mankind album

"Pieces Of Mankind" full length CD, Copro Records-U.K. (COP09).

Recorded at AMP studios, Athens-Greece, released worldwide: June/1999.

Misled/Deformed Beyond Belief album

"Misled/Deformed Beyond Belief" split LP-1995 w/AVULSED (Spain), MOLON LAVE recs (MLR053).

Recorded at Storm studios, Athens Greece, released in January 1995. Originally released on red vinyl.

Apathy Murders Hope album

"Apathy Murders Hope" EP-1993, MOLON LAVE recs (MLP009).

Recorded at Praxis studios, Athens-Greece, officially as "Balance Of Power" mini LP. Released in April/1993. Originally released on blue vinyl.