Acid Death – “Pieces Of Mankind”

Acid Death – “Pieces of Mankind” The first time I ever saw Acid Death was back in January ’98, when they played as support band for Kreator, in Athens, Greece. I was really amazed from the band’s performance but I couldn’t find any of their releases. Fortunately, with the re-release of “Pieces…” I had a contact with Savvas and managed to get a promo. The re-release came from the British Copro Records. It contains the following 10 tracks: 1. Lost (Intro) – 2. While The End Is Coming – 3. Reappearing Freedom – 4. Our Shadows – 5. Frozen Heart – 6. My Destination – 7. Liquid Heaven – 8. Realising – 9. A/I 10. The Mirror On The Top Of The World. There are, though, some elements that seem like stolen from Death and Sepultura (for example some riffs and vocal parts). Generally, the thrash/death and melodic elements make “Pieces of Mankind” an album that belongs to a very talented band. Technical and progressive, at the same time, Acid Death can only amaze the listener. A must!

Dimitris “SLATAN” Petrakis (review-1999)


ACID DEATH “Random’s Manifest” (Black Lotus)

Are you Greek? Be proud of your scene! Bands like Acid Death make us proud with this album! “Random’s Manifest” is the improved continuance of “Pieces Of Mankind”. Following the paths of tecnhical and -brutal in parts- fast progressive death metal, this album includes 12 tracks characterized by distorted excellence! Totally in your face, measured, well-tied and perfectly performed… these veterans won’t let you down! If you compare this album with “Pieces Of Mankind”, you will distinguish the difference in the vocal section. Remarkable is their cooperation with the vocalist of ex-Fatal Morgana / ex-Retrospect, Leonidas Hatzimihalis in “In Sorrow” (epos!!!), “Random’s Manifest (Part II)” where his “celestial” vocals are perfectly combined with Savvas’ “underground” ones!
I really do not know what to talk about firstly! Every section is perfect… The drums: astonishing. The bass: breath-taking… the guitars: throat-cutting razor attacks! the vocals: Murder!!!
No more words are needed. BUY OR DIE!Top tracks of this release: Listen to Psycho Love, Curse Of Flesh, Random’s Manifest (Part II), Teach To Kill and believe it… ’cause it’s TRUE!!!

Dimitris “Slatan” Petrakis (review 2001)