Really happy to say that the recordings of band’s new album have finished! The first taste that “Hall Of Mirrors” gives is a taste of fast/neurotic/technical stuff, maybe the most neurotic one that ACID DEATH has ever recorded.

We have some changes on mixing plans. “Hall Of Mirrors” will be mixed/mastered in Greece at DevaSoundz studios by Fotis Benardo (ex Septic Flesh) who will undertake also the co-production of the album. We are really happy to have this talented guy and friend behind the mix desk and also more than happy to announce some participations from friendly musicians, members of Greek bands, good friends who know and love us!

Manthos “ManSter” Stergiou (TARDIVE DYSKINESIA) – back vocals
Nick Melissourgos (SUICIDAL ANGELS) – lead guitar
Jon Soti (FLOATING WORLDS) – melodic vocals
Illiana Tsakiraki (ENEMY OF REALLITY) together w/ Nadja – female vocals

The entire recording will be ready till the beginning of February/2015.
Stay tuned for more news…