Acid Death – “Pieces Of Mankind”

Acid Death was a Greek Thrash metal/technical Death metal band. They were formed in the early 1990’s and originally consisted of Savvas Betinis (bass/vocals), Dennis Costopoulos (guitars), Themis K. (guitars) and Kostas Tsompanos (drums).In 1997, Acid Death, now signed with Metal Mad, recorded and released their first official full-length album entitled Pieces of Mankind. The album showed a good deal of technical skill in performance and song structure but was rather under-appreciated by being practically an underground production. Drawing most of its lyrical influences from Stephen King novels (in particular The Dark Tower and The Green Mile) and esoteric topics (such as substance abuse) and musically similar to bands like Death or late-period Carcass, Pieces of Mankind showed that the band could have what it takes to become a new big name in the Greek metal scene along with bands like Rotting Christ, Nightfall, Septic Flesh and Necromantia.