On Sunday May 17 we were the guests of Acid death in Artworks studios in order to hear their new album entitled Hall of mirrors, their fourth full length. Present were all the members of the band, Fotis Benardo (production, mixing, mastering) and the guest musicians Jon Soti, Nadia B.

The album is complete and consists of a total of 10 tracks that reflect the mood of Acid death in synthesis and how they chose to work their ideas. Before the begining of the listening session Savas gave us the first necessary informations: for this album they used new ideas that they started composing in 2012 without a trace of earlier material and the need for experimentation in both sound and style. Everything became more clear by listening to the material of the Hall of mirrors album. The tracks are obviously faster than previous albums a strong element of melody is present in vocals (for the first time they used female vocals) and there are even some electro elements in the tracks. The experimentation however does not alter the profile of the band which remains loyal to thrash and death. As explained to us all the new elements were added completely spontaneously without serving any other cause except the projection of the ideas of the band and the whole mood existed in the period of the composition and recordings. The tracks have an average duration of 5-6 minutes each making them sound good in the ears of the listeners without being boring. Also in this album contributed a number of guest musicians revealing the positive mood in the Greek scene which occurs today. In the lead guitar Nikos Melissourgos (Suicidal Angels) and in vocals Manthos Stergiou (Tardive Dyskinesia), Jon Soti (Floating worlds), Iliana Tsakirakis (Enemy of reality) and Nadia B. A question was made about the lyrical themes and we got the answer that they refer to everyday stories real or imaginary that anybody can experience . Concerning the artwork of this album we can say that it might be a little strange to some people because is not typical for the musical genre of Acid death, but a closer look will just reveal the intentions of the band for this album.

Generally speaking it is a very good album (compsitions,production) which will satisfy their fans but will surely go further to inerest fans from other genres because of its diversity. The only problem that seems to be here is the need of a new label contract since the end of the previous one, the band informed us that contacts are being made in order to have the album released as soon as possible. is waiting the official release of the album the next moves of Acid death and wishes them the best for the future.

Douros Gerasimos