|| discography ||

official releases

eidolon album

"Hall Of Mirrors" full length CD-2015, 7Hard Records (7H-183-2)

Recorded at Devasoundz Studios and S.I.A. Recordings, Athens, Greece. Mixed and mastered by Fotis Benardo. Produced by ACID DEATH and Fotis Benardo. Released worldwide: September 11th 2015.

eidolon album

"Eidolon" full length CD-2012, NoiseHead recs, Austria (NHR1012)

Recorded at DevaSoundz studios and S.I.A. Recordings, Athens, Greece, Released worldwide: June 1st 2012

random manifest album

"Random's Manifest" full length CD-2000, Black Lotus recs (BLR/CD018).

Recorded at Marathon studios, Athens, Greece, released worldwide: May/2000.

pieces of mankind album

"Pieces Of Mankind" full length CD, Copro Records-U.K. (COP09).

Recorded at AMP studios, Athens-Greece, released worldwide: June/1999.

Misled/Deformed Beyond Belief album

"Misled/Deformed Beyond Belief" split LP-1995 w/AVULSED (Spain), MOLON LAVE recs (MLR053).

Recorded at Storm studios, Athens Greece, released in January 1995. Originally released on red vinyl.

Apathy Murders Hope album

"Apathy Murders Hope" EP-1993, MOLON LAVE recs (MLP009).

Recorded at Praxis studios, Athens-Greece, officially as "Balance Of Power" mini LP. Released in April/1993. Originally released on blue vinyl.

unofficial releases

promo 2011

"Promo CD 2011

Recorded at S.I.A. Recordings, Athens-Greece, December/2010. Distributed for free in more than 1000 copies, also it was available for free downloading, confirming band's come back in early January/2011.

Balance Of Power mini-LP, 1992

"Balance Of Power mini-LP, 1992"

Originally recorded at Praxis studios, Athens-Greece in winter/1992 and never released as mini-LP. Three songs constituted the "Apathy Murders Hope" EP of 1993. This mini-LP saw the light for first time in 2008 in the form of free downloading.

Promo CD 1999

"Promo CD 1999"

Recorded at Marathon studios, Athens, autumn/1999, including 3 tracks. This recording was distributed to labels and radio stations only. With this promo CD the band got the deal for "Random's Manifest" CD.

Promo CD 1996

Promo CD 1996

"Promo 1996" (on tape only)Recorded at AMP studios, Athens, summer/1996, including 2 tracks. It was distributed to labels, magazines and radio stations only. With this promo the band got the deal for "Pieces Of Mankind" CD.


LIVE at Gagarin Club (DVD)

"Alive at Gagarin club,Athens. December 2011"