Three years have passed since ACID DEATH’s successful “Hall Of Mirrors” album has been released in September/2015, also the re-releases of “Pieces Of Mankind” and “Random’s Manifest” followed in March/2016 and the official release for band’s very-first and “lost” album “Balance Of Power” (recorded in 1992) in physical format in March/2017. Now ACID DEATH is ready to take and to the next step.

The composing along with the pre-production processes of the new, 6th album and 8th official release has finished and we are about to enter Devasoundz Studios in Athens on April 14th to start the recordings. Fotis Benardo (SiXforNinE) will be for one more time the sound engineer. The new album (possibly) titled “Primal Energies” will be finished around late August/2018 (if everything goes to plan), so the release will be around Autumn/2018 by 7hard/ 7us media group ( &

We will have many updates on the recording/mixing progress over next months… Stay tuned for more!

ACID DEATH - New Album