Finally, after ten years of being lost in the sands of time, the mighty prog-Death metallers are back. ACID DEATH had a remarkable feedback during the 90’s as one of the best progressive European bands of the extreme sound. They disbanded somewhere at the beginning of the millennium and since then, their tracks were lost. Anno 2012 found the band with Savvas (mastermind of the band) handling vocals and bass and axeman Dennis, the two remaining members, along with Gus K (guitars) and Kostas (drums) ready to release an album and meet the already high expectations.

The new album “Eidolon” has been already in stores since the 1st of June by Noisehead, the record label who trusted ACID DEATH and their comeback. The album is a classic prog- tech- Death Metal close to CORONER’s music. Tracks like “Convict 655321” and “Eidolon” have lot of progressive technical parts, while “Odious Maggots” and “Blind Reflection” have an old-school Thrash feeling. There are also a couple of groovy songs like “No Sky Above” and “Crossing The Line” and, as you figure out, these are my favorites. An instrumental song is also included but it’s too technical for my taste.

The comeback of the Athenian band is marked with a release of more than just a good album and I don’t think that many bands in Europe play like this nowadays. Lovers of prog-Death Metal sound rush to the stores and get this.